The World Tour

Now that my life is a tad bit calmer, time to get back to business yall.

Recently, I started a travel Instagram to capture some of my ridiculous adventures so if you want to see, it is @theprincessvstheworld. Shameless plug but the beauty of having your own blog is being able to post whatever the hell you want.


I need to learn how to sit my ass down and save some money – maybe next year. 2018 – I’m coming for ya savings account.

I recently went on “Princess Mia’s World Tour” as I like to call it. I went from Phoenix to Washington DC to New York to Panama to Colombia back to New York and finally back to Phoenix all within 15 days.

I will admit to myself that and to the world that it was way way too ambitious. My ass was drained midway through the trip. I’m a lazy person – I sit in my house every weekend so why I thought it would be okay to leave my house for 15 days is beyond me. Anyway back to the trip…

Washington DC Leg

Always good to be home. I love seeing my family and I miss them dearly but four days with family is always enough – love you but don’t want to live with you.

Also, that’s no dagger to my family but we all know what I’m talking about. After high school, living with your parents is a drag and a half. Coming home on college breaks – we all were itching to get back to our box of a dorm so we could day drink and nap as much as we want.



New York Leg

Sidebar: Princess Mia took the bus. Yep AND I enjoyed it.

Can we take a moment to shout out Megabus because between the chargers and the wifi – I.WAS.HERE.FOR.IT. My bus was completely filled so being the petty princess I am, I faked sleep across two seats so no one could sit next to me – yep, one day I’ll grow up.


I thought the Megabus was a sign of a easy trip – boy was I wrong. I’m an OCD person to say the least so I usually book and plan everything on a trip but because I was traveling with another person, I decided that I should let it go like Elsa and let someone else plan something for once. Here begins the Spirit debacle…..

We all of heard of Spirit Airlines. We all heard the horror stories and I am here to present another one. We were supposed to fly out of Newark to Miami to Panama City. Spirit being the “lovely’ airline they are – made sure that was not an easy transition. They cancelled our damn flight and didn’t even tell anyone.


I can truly say in my heart that I hate Spirit. People were getting rowdy and yelling at the gate like a VH1 Reunion fight and it just was too much for me. After countless arguments, gate changes, four flight change attempts, and 6 long hours in Newark, they booked us on another flight with American and we were set to leave the next day.

 Panama City Leg

Although we missed a day of our trip, we were still really excited to get to Panama City. This was the first trip I’d been on to Central and South America so I was acting like a 5 year old at Disneyland. I was thrilled until my ass got outside. I’ve never felt humidity like that in my life. I live in the desert where humidity is literally a punchline so to go to a country with 80-100% humidity at all times, I kissed my cute hairstyles and Instagram worthy outfits goodbye. Notice below my hair is in a bun the whole trip – why? Because it RIPed the first night.


I loved Panama City – the history and the culture and the food was all so amazing to experience. I loved how there was new Panama City which was more Americanized but there was Old Panama City on the other side of the water. We met an older gentleman who showed us around Casco Viejo  (Old Panama City). I love locals, they tell it like it is – they don’t take you on the typical bullshit tour for $100 which I hate. Tour guides always end up sounding like teachers and parents in the Peanuts cartoon. He took us to a lot of local bars and restaurants because you know my ass had to eat everything. He showed us a lot of historical churches which were incredible. It’s always amazing to me to experience different traditions and cultures of other countries – it makes you open your eyes to the huge world out there.




Back to the food, I love Spanish food. Always have and always will but I literally ate everything. I ate every little thing they put in front of me and my heart leaped with joy everytime. There were moments where I thought I was going to cry because I was so happy with the seasoning of the meal in front of me. I ate arroz con pollo for a good 60% of my meals and I’m completely okay with that. I need to consider marrying into a Spanish family because I need that food in my life forever. FOREVER.


I would suggest Panama City 100 times over. Even though the humidity will kill you, it’s a very fun yet affordable city. I felt safe there throughout the trip. You can be in a more city area or you can be in a more historical area – there’s options which I always love on a trip. It was very beautiful and I will be returning sooner than later.

Bogota Leg

From Panama City, we flew an hour and a half to Bogota. I would like to point out that South American airlines are the shit because they feed you a whole meal and you get free alcohol while in America, I have to pay $10 for 6 stale Pringles. Granted, I learned that I do not need to drink while 10,000 feet in the air because I ALWAYS ugly cry in my window seat but when it’s free, you just don’t say no.


I took out 60 USD and I promise you I received 175,135.50 mil pesos. I felt like a baller in Colombia. All of that lasted me 3-4 days and I mean food, transportation, and little souvenirs. You would of thought I was a Real Housewife.


We get to Bogota and I will say it is very different than Panama City. It’s definitely more of a developing city – it reminded me of a South American New York City, just in terms of the amount of people and the busy nature of the  city.

I tried to not be a high maintenance princess and get an AirBnB – once again, bad idea.  Not only did this AirBnb not look like the photos but it was all one room, literally kitchen, living room, bedroom – all one room. From that moment on, I pledged that I was sticking to hotels for the rest of my existence. I need the robe and the slippers – I just need it. Also, the crazy Law and Order version of me likes hotel so I can be on camera if I casually go missing (always leave a trail people).

Bogota’s weather was cooler than Panama’s – I wasn’t sweating my face off which was a nice change. I enjoyed Bogota because of all their vegetation. Once again, I live in the desert so any sight of trees, I look like Dory from Finding Nemo when she finds her parents – amazed.




I would say that I was a little bit more on edge in Colombia rather than Panama based on reputations and other travelers who told me to beware of certain things. I did opt out of wearing my Apple Watch everywhere because who really gives a shit about steps? Overall, I did explore the city and get to see a lot of their culture and museums and beautiful parks. I don’t like tour guides but I do like tourist shit so there I was in the National Museum of Colombia taking photos of every little thing possible like a true American.

I’m not sure if I would visit Bogota again – I loved experiencing the city but I think that I would like to explore other areas and cities of South America first.

By the end of Bogota, I was genuinely exhausted – I was tired of moving around. I was tired of being in multiple beds. Multiple flights were draining me and I just missed the consistency of being in one place because again, I’M LAZY.


After spending all day traveling from Colombia to New York, I spent 2.5 days in New York sleeping because I just could not physically deal with anymore travel. I also hate New York and it just happened to be the first hot weekend therefore it was miserable – there was not a part of my body that wasn’t sweating.

Overall, I had an amazing world tour. I enjoyed being in so many places and seeing so many new cities and experiencing a new culture but I think I crammed too much in two weeks. I did 8 flights in 15 days which is like a flight every other day but I’m a crazy person and traveling gives me a natural high so I do not regret it.

Princess Mia Advice: Travel. Travel. And find some more time to travel. I’m still young with no mortgage or a little crying thing in tow. I am making use of my youth while I can – now am I broke right now, oh hell yes but was it worth it? Absolutely.

I have a goal of hitting every continent by 2020 (minus Antarctica because what the hell am I gonna see there but the iceberg that sank the Titanic and polar bears) and I’m determined to hit it.



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