Take Some Time to Love Yourself

It’s 2016, we all get busy. Shit I get so busy that I forget what being lazy is. Between work, school, friends, family, relationships – it’s like there is not enough time in the day to think about you.

Lately, I have noticed from various friends that we don’t take care of ourselves enough. More importantly, we don’t take enough time to love ourselves. Everyday, I take time out to look at myself in the mirror and just think about a success that I’ve had today or this week and in my head, I congratulate myself. Now granted I’m not at work looking at myself and screaming in the mirror ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL‘ like my girl Christina but I’m taking a time out to reflect to myself that I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I have accomplished something – big or small.

Relationships. We love them. We love to cuddle and kiss and be in love – the whole nine yards. Granted, every relationship is not like that but you get what I’m trying to say. We live in a generation who loves to be in love. In my opinion, love is great. It’s beautiful and magical but can you really be in love if you don’t love yourself? Think about it. You’re “supposed” to be giving your all to someone else – this person is supposed to be an extension of you and your life but if you don’t love yourself first, can you really give yourself to someone else? Can you really put in all the needed effort without appreciating yourself first? I think these are very valid questions everyone should be asking themselves. Another thing – if your significant other isn’t making you feel like you’re a God sent from above, BYE. I’m not saying they need to worship you but your man or woman should make you blush most of the time. A relationship does not define your worth ladies and gentleman.

Friends. We love our friends. I love my friends – some of them I’ve had forever and some I just made but I love my friends to death. They are the siblings I got to choose, they hear all my shit and my crazy stories and still love me for it and vice versa. Friends are supposed to lift you up and remind you how great you are. I’ve seen a lot of toxic friendships and I would like to present a PSA – DON’T CONTINUE A FRIENDSHIP WHERE THEY MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ABOUT YOURSELF. Now I’m not saying, your friends shouldn’t tell you the truth but if you’re in a friendship where you feel like you have to do certain things to fit it or make them happy, roll out. Get the hell out of there. If that was your only friend, shit I’ll be your friend because that’s not what a friendship is.

I realized that I needed to love Mia before I could love anyone else. For the record, my version of loving myself is just being happy in my own skin. Sure, there’s always one thing you would want to change – you’re human. Overall, I wake up with a blemish, I don’t have a Kim K ass, and I’m not a millionaire but I’m still happy with myself. I get on social media and I see so many individuals putting in so much energy for a like or for a retweet – sometimes I want to respond and just let them know how fabulous and great they are minus makeup or clothes or shoes or that significant other.

Okay my long rant is over but I just want everyone to love themselves. I just want everyone to wake up in the morning feeling like they just won America’s Next Top Model. You’re great, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.




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