New Year. Similar Me.

Okay I know,  I’ve been long overdue for a post but with the holidays – I got a little busy.

Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year’s, late but it’s the thought that counts.


Every January 1st, the irrelevant resolutions start popping up all over social media but this year, I decided to make resolutions that only made sense to where I am in life. Not the typical “gym everyday” or “save more money” resolutions even though I need to not act like a Hilton when I’m out blowing money left and right but that’s another story.

Right now, I’m in my early twenties and 2015 was a huge year for me. I graduated college, moved across the country, got my first new car, got my first real job, and my first out of college apartment (with actual furnishings) – I have to pat myself on the back, Princess Mia isn’t sucking so bad at life.

In 2016, I really want this year to be about me and my goals. Usually on my blog, I rant about little things that irk me in life but this post will be a little more personal. A look in the little castle of Princess Mia’s world so this post I’m going to share a little more of my inner thoughts.

Goal One: Focus on my needs – This one is pretty self-explanatory. I think we all fall victim sometimes of neglecting ourselves and our needs. I definitely try to help my loved ones with as much as I can but this year, I need to help myself more. Get my inner peace and my outer fierce all together at once.


Goal Two: Travel wherever the hell I want – I’m single as a dollar bill and the only kids I see are at my job so I want to go and see everything I can while I can. I just came back from NYC and I’m going to explore San Francisco next month and Denver in March. One day (in the far far future), I will be responsible for a little thing 24/7 therefore I will not be able to go to Bora Bora in a moment’s notice so for now, I’ll be exploring every state and country I can get to.


Goal Three: Only buy what I REALLY need – This one is hard for me and I know other people suffer from this syndrome. It’s called the “Iwanteverythingfornoreason” syndrome and I feel like 9 out of 10 people suffer from it. I have been adulting lately and buying cleaning supplies over 5 for 25 underwear – it’s hard but once you look at your bank account, it’s a good feeling. I need to continue to practice this for the sake of my bank account and my sanity.

Goal Four: Not get into the relationship hype – now that college is over, the inevitable is happening. Everyone is getting married and having babies and when I say everyone, I mean every time I log into my damn Facebook. I will admit, it’s intimidating – it’s like am I behind?  Why aren’t I in a relationship?  Should I be thinking about kids? I had to shut down my computer and realize that everything is my life is happening exactly the way it’s supposed to be. I realized that I cannot get caught up in other’s lives which can happen frequently thanks to the lovely images of social media.


Goal Five: Taking more risks – Yes, this sounds clique but it’s true. I’m a pretty safe person, I like my routines in life but recently, I’ve been taking more risks and it feels good. I’m planning my first trip by myself – am I scared? Hell yes. Am I more excited? Of course. I recently started applying to positions overseas. I feel like you only live once and you must make the most of it no matter what. I never want to look back on life and regret.

I think that I’m at the point of really enjoying life. I have a lot to be thankful for and the grass will always be greener on the other side but for now I just want to focus on watering my little lawn.




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