The Most Annoying Time Of The Year

It’s about that time everyone….

Halloween is over and all that’s left is your half empty bottles of alcohol and those last pieces of candy that no one wants.

Thanksgiving is around the corner and Christmas is steadily on it’s way. This is Princess Mia’s least favorite time of the year for many different reasons – so many reasons that I had to rant about it.


Princess Mia’s List of Reasons Why She Hates The Holiday Season As A Whole.

1.The minute Halloween is over, here comes the Christmas lights. Why people? The pilgrims did not waste their time settling into Jamestown for us to skip over their day. Now I might of got that all wrong because realistically the only date I can remember from Colonial days is 1776 BUT Thanksgiving is great. We don’t appreciate Thanksgiving enough. It’s a whole day dedicating to eating like that is my Christmas. I plan my whole outfit around the meal – every year, leggings and a slouchy sweater to maximize eating capacity.

tumblr_mv3n8qB8081ql5yr7o2_250 tumblr_mv3n8qB8081ql5yr7o1_250






2. I hate cheesy Christmas movies. My mother loves Rudolph every year she harasses me to watch the 1842 claymation version and every year, I suffer more and more. It’s the one time of the year where ABC Family and Lifetime gets even cheesier than it already is. The Search for Santa Paws. Barf. Christmas Cupid. Jokes on Jokes on Jokes. If it’s not Christmas Charlie Brown or my all time favorite A Christmas Story, don’t even mention it to me. Oh and This Christmas because Chris Brown’s solo was everything but that’s it.


3. Presents. Now Christmas is all precious when you’re younger but as you get older, you have to give AND receive. Christmas shopping makes me wanna backhand everyone. I always forget someone – ALWAYS and you always have that one random church friend that gets you a gift so then you’re obligated to get them something. That’s the thing about Christmas, everyone makes you feel obligated to get them something like no no no. You can get a card and feel blessed.


4. Starbucks Holiday Cups – Newsflash: it’s a damn cup. I could give a shit less if there are Christmas trees or snowman or a Black Jesus on it. Give me my $5 coffee and call it a day. This year, the cup is all red and you would think that the politically correct people would be happy – NOPE. Everyone is all in arms over a cup. There are bombings in multiple countries but Americans are concerned over a red cup. A CUP.


5. Christmas Parties – I do not like Christmas parties. Why? Because it’s always ugly sweater themed and I’m not buying an ugly sweater. What is the purpose of ugly sweater parties? Who the hell thought that was a cute idea? You want me to waste my hard earned $10 on a huge sweater from Goodwill? That’s Chipotle money, nobody has time for that. NO ONE.


6. New Years – I have a special place in my section of hate in my heart for New Years. October rolls around and I’m already stressed over New Years. It’s just an annoying holiday. Where are you going? Who are you going to be with? Who are you gonna kiss? It’s too many things that Princess Mia is not in the mood to worry about. Also, I really hate confetti and glitter. You go to one event with glitter and confetti and you will find it around your house for months.

Moral of the Story: the only good part of the holidays to me is eating. Give me the food, minus the bullshit and I’ll be a happy camper.





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