Back Like I Never Left

Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes I’m late as hell but every good princess has to make an entrance.

Me before vacation:


Me after vacation:

tumblr_ngr9lqc5PV1ql5yr7o2_500 tumblr_ngr9lqc5PV1ql5yr7o1_500

Princess Mia needed a little break from her kingdom and decided to spend the holidays with family and friends. It was great to see everyone but now it’s back to business.

Now that it’s 2015 – let’s all aim to be more fabulous. Yes I sound like a basic bitch – “NEW YEAR, NEW ME” But no really, every year is suppose to be better than the last right? I decided that I was going to actually act my age and approach things differently this year. Yes, Princess Mia is growing up y’all. Claps for me.

And now I am here to help everyone else. I’m gonna be your Oprah except 50 lbs. lighter and about $500 million dollars broker.

tumblr_n6xs47QT8n1ql5yr7o1_250 tumblr_n6xs47QT8n1ql5yr7o2_250

1. Get rid of negative people. – Everyone has that one person that cannot let you shine. Literally the Grinch who stole life. You get those fabulous shoes that you have wanted forever and they have to know where you got them from so they can ATTEMPT to stunt on you on every social network possible. Take the advice of K Camp and cut em off. Nobody has time for their hating ass in 2015. Especially Princess Mia.


2. Let those exes from 2002 go. – Some of yall are still holding on to that one ex that broke your heart but still wanted you the next week. NO NO NO. If necessary, sit down with them and have the convo. If it can’t work, move. on. If Rose could move on after she watched Jack drown on Titanic, you can move the hell on. Keyshia Cole let it go therefore you can too.

3. Go to the gym. – Yes, who would of thought I would be saying that? I hate the gym but because of my recent trips, I can walk up the stairs without dying (YAY). Now I still think about food while running on the treadmill to get me through the wire (not everything can change). My point is just suck it up, join a class with your friends, work out with your man, do something – act like you’re in Kanye’s Workout Plan and get healthy.


4. Invest in that one coveted item. – Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. That one fabulous purse that makes you feel like Bill Gates’s mistress. That one coat that makes you feel like you could survive the Second Coming but life would be okay because you have your coat. Yes that one item might cost you a arm and a leg but why not treat yourself? If you’re independent like the girls in the Boosie video, why not get something nice? Pay your bills, save some money and get what you desire.


5. Try something new. – I started my New Year doing something completely different than what I would usually do. I was at a college football game. Yes y’all. I was jumping on chairs, drinking beer, talking sports. I was Football Barbie that day. My man was happy, I was happy. Everyone won. Get out of your comfort zone. Stop being a lame bitch and going back to your hometown every break or holiday. Go visit a new city, try a new activity, explore in detail your surroundings. Be like that Wake Up Now commercial but don’t come to my door asking me to sign shit, just wake up your mind.

Now I don’t know who I think I am but I have been very enlightened lately. I don’t know about you but 2014 was rough. 2014 was like a gang jumping Princess Mia – I still have bruises but all I can do is make the next year better.


Princess Mia will be back to blogging more often now that I’m done being fabulous.



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